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Pat Thai

Pat Thai


1 - 1/2 lb boneless chicken thighs, brined (cut into small 1 inch pieces) 1 bag Thin Rice Noodles (soak in luke warm water for 1- 1 1/2 hours, drain water, separated into 4 large handfuls) 4 eggs 4 medium shallots (peeled and sliced thin, lengthwise) Oil (canola or vegetable) as needed (best if oil is poured into a squeeze bottle for ease of use) 1 bottle of Pretty Thai® Pat Thai Sauce 1 lime, quartered Pretty Thai® Thai Chili Powder, as desired 8 oz bean sprouts (mung) 1 bunch Chinese chives or 2 bunches green onion, cut into 1 inch pieces Roasted Ground Peanuts (for garnish) 1 Lime (cut into quarters for garnish)


It is recommended that the Pat Thai is cooked one portion at a time and the following method is written as such. The ingredients will be split into fours when making one Pat Thai at a time.

1). In a seasoned wok, turn heat to high, add small amount of oil and 4 oz. cut chicken, cooking the chicken until approximately 90% done and brown on all sides. 2). Add a bit more oil and egg, cook the egg to over hard adding the shallots halfway through egg cooking (do not scramble egg, this will happen naturally as you work the noodles), brown the shallots but be careful not to burn. 3). Now add one large handful of noodles and with squeeze bottle of oil, place a single ring around the top of the wok (360 degrees), begin to work the noodles with wok spatula (be careful not to cut through noodles with spatula) and cook until the noodles become translucent and start sticking together. 4). Add Pretty Thai® Pat Thai Sauce (enough to cover 1/2 of noodles) spreading the noodles out in a thin layer on bottom of wok and allow sauce to cook and caramelize the noodles, reducing all but completely (be careful not to burn noodles). 5). Once the sauce is all but reduced in bottom of wok, make room for bean sprouts in front part of wok and toss noodles on top to quickly cook the bean sprouts, squeeze in one of the lime quarters, Pretty Thai™ Thai Chili Powder, Chinese chives, and more sauce to prevent burning and begin to combine all ingredients with wok spatula, adding sauce as desired. 6). Taste and adjust with more sauce and/or Pretty Thai® Thai Chili Powder. The Pat Thai should be sweet, salty, spicy, sour/bitter. Plate, sprinkle roasted ground peanuts on top and add a lime segment. Enjoy!

Note: Shrimp and/or Tofu can also be used, in addition to the chicken or in replace of. If using shrimp, add the shrimp to the wok after cooking the egg and shallots, and cook to get color on the shrimp, then add noodles and finish dish. If using Tofu, I recommend using extra firm tofu.

Watch how to make in the video below!