About Us

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Pretty Thai was born out of a shared love for great food. Kristen and I met, interestingly enough, on a food truck, and although immediately smitten, it was not until I had her cooking that I knew she was the one. You could say it was Love at first bite! Food brought us together. We would cook together nightly, with a bottle of wine and John Legend to accompany us. We fell in love while creating what would ultimately be Pretty Thai For A White Guy.

We learned the classic techniques of cooking while attending Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX. But great food is more about imagination and fearlessness to try something new, and it doesn’t hurt when you have an innate gift to put flavors together, which is what Kristen possessed. I like to think I brought the fearlessness to the table.

Within 6-months of meeting we were developing our food truck concept, and 4-months later Pretty Thai For A White Guy was open for business. The first month was difficult. We had to learn the ropes of running a food business; but soon enough our big flavors and beautiful food was catching the eyes of the people, tantalizing their taste buds in the process! Within 8-months of opening we were contacted by Eat St. on the Cooking Channel. We believed in the quality and flavor of our food, and we now had proof that others did as well.

Pretty Thai For A White Guy was filmed for Eat. St. in October of 2013, but by early November we had picked up and moved our Magic Bus to Boerne, TX, Kristen’s hometown in the Hill Country just outside of San Antonio. Despite receiving a great response from everyone in Boerne, we weren’t fulfilled and the passion’s flame was flickering. It was during this period, with a lot of soul searching, and even more wine, that we finally realized we needed to make a drastic change. We had an interest in making our products available to a broader range of people, and bottling our sauces and spices seemed the logical choice. We shut down the food truck, for what we expected to be for good, and set out on our new path. Pretty Thai was born!

Today we have a strengthened passion for the food and products we create. We do not sell what we do not eat ourselves. We believe in the quality and uniqueness of our sauces and spices, and we are confident that if you give Pretty Thai a try, you’ll see what we mean. Cooking brings people together! It did us, and we are hoping it will do the same for you. Whether it be for an existing relationship, or for a new one that has yet to develop.

Cooking is about companionship. Cooking is about family and friends. Cooking is about love! And when done right, food is one of the greatest unifiers in all of the world. We bring you Pretty Thai, our unique take on Thai food. Often times authentic, unapologetic in flavor, and always versatile. Let Pretty Thai bring you closer to what everyone needs a little more of, companionship and good old TLC!

– Kristen & Robert Strong